Excitement of discovery awakens a new ember

Uncertainty took hold

Can the ember be trusted

Will it burn itself out as fast as it ignited

These embers

I have never understood how to tend to them

Or when they should be doused

I question myself when they ignite

My perceptions get cloudy

They take life of their own

I cannot control them

I am supposed to surrender to them

Allow them to lead me untempered

Attempting to prevent them has not worked

Trying to subdue them has not worked

Trying to hide them has not worked

Feeling they should not live in me

Have not accomplished anything positive

Why do they feel foreign to me

Who taught me to see them as wrong

How do I allow the embers to have a place in me

How do I live in harmony with their ignitions

How do I react when they go out

How do I cope when they refuse to go

When there is no expression for them

But they live inside

Ember do you have a life cycle

Predictable if allowed your full expression

Or are you the random chaos of heart

Am I doomed to be burned by you at any turn in the road

Should I be tending you

Keeping you alive

But allowing you to change focus

As the universe moves

And life changes with its movements

Speak to me

Show me the life that we share

Show me the dance in its perfected form

Teach me your ways

Set me free of my skewed perceptions of your role in me

Ignite in truth and understanding

And keep that alive forever burning bright in my soul

Allow that ember to be the leader of all others ignited

Come to peaceful union in me

Ember I integrate your fire

Engtovo ~ May 11, 2004

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