What does the symbol mean?

After a friend seeing the Melchizeldek symbol which is a triangle with a circle inside it she said she had been drawing it all her life but with a line across the circle and wondered what that meant.  I wondered too 🙂 that night a dream came and i shot off the info below to her

March 26, 2004 Dream

I go to a place that has lockers that are like post office boxes, I go to the one that I know is mine.  I start to work the combination but then all the numbers on it disappear and it starts to glow like the Timex indiglo color.  At first I am dismayed like I won’t be able to open it because there are no numbers but then I put my hand back on it and make a couple turns then turn and push in simultaneously and the whole locking mechanism comes out and I open the door.  Undoing the lock feels really good, the knowing was just there and it was effortless.  Some time during this process I am thinking about the fact that I had forgotten the combination to this box and thought I would never be able to get into it again, so I had gotten a different box that is also in this place somewhere.  I think after I get the stuff out of here I should check that box.  Someone else is with me but I am not aware of who it is. I take the stuff out and it is 4 pouches of stones (stone is records knowing revealed in the sacred path cards), one is the main stone pouch that I keep with me even when everything else is in storage.  I open one pouch and take out two stone pieces that are wrapped in tissue paper, I realize without unwrapping them that they are my set of Kyanite (which is balance they work with all kinds of polarity/duality issues in healing work) and so I put them back in the pouch.  On the bottom of this container that came out of the locker like a safe deposit box there is some candy some caramels and something else. I am thinking I have been really good on my diet and not eating that stuff and I am wondering how to avoid the temptation to eat them.  Then a little ways away I see some “workers” of this locker place (somehow I know they are illuminati workers) I don’t like them and I know they don’t want me to get out of there with my stuff. I hear them say that is the locker where they put the stuff of the woman they killed but they knew it would be found eventually, but they are suspicious of who I am.  The person who was with me has gone and gotten a car and is waiting for me to get in and is going to take me to the outer parking lot where my car is.  It’s a woman and I am running next to the car as it is moving and jump in with all my pouches as the workers want to stop me, I left all the candy behind.  We take off and I can see the gate is open and we will get out of there no problem.

I awake knowing that the symbol with the line is a key.  The line represents an equator for lack of a better term the balance of polarities or dualities depending on which is being worked with.  The concept works differently with a polarity vs. a duality because a polarity is natural like hot or cold and the equator there is the temperature that is comfortable to the body where you don’t feel hot or cold. The example given in the dream for me personally is duality of an addiction, the sugar that is not in balance with my body (the addiction) is at both poles and leaving the sugar behind was choosing the equator. The line across my personal sphere.  Balance of a duality. 

Shit, just realized you probably don’t know about the sphere guess I better take a few steps back.  I popped open my Kundalini energy flow in 1992 which was the reason for my marriage we did this reflection thing and once we both had our Kundalini open we were complete, that was the primary aspect of our spiritual contract and the results of all of what we did carried on for many years of growth.  But after the Kundalini is open there is this whole series of energy activations that happen,  it starts with what would look like a medicine wheel and we are traveling around the outside of it all the time (the wheel of life) and at some point after the Kundalini opens you have to start the trail to the center.  So as we are cruising around the outside, in meditation when we see a path we take it and what that entails is affected by whether we are entering from the e, s, w, or n.  At any rate eventually you get to the middle and from there you move the center circle out to encompass the outer circle which was that wheel of life.  The point that this happens is what is called that nirvana or Samadhi stage where all meditation and most daily life stuff is bliss.  This is where most spiritual practitioners get stuck, cause lets face it’s a great place to be and also so many of the teachings have said that is the goal, when in fact that is the beginning of the journey if you want to ascend and live the true unlimited life.  The next step from there is to take that circle and create it into a spherical grid around you and this is totally different than the luminous egg which is the energy everyone has. After that there are numerous activations and so forth that bring more energy flows into the sphere and when those are finished you enter this final purification process and all of sudden, all this profound connection and pure love and bliss you felt appears to go out the window and you are right in the middle of all you crap.  I entered that stage in late 90s and was beginning to wonder if it would EVER end.  Now this information and that symbol is the key to bringing that to an end.  I have been planning to write up all the details of those stages and activations for many years but it hasn’t felt the right time yet, I think I have been too deep in my own clearings and the information may have been contaminated by that.

When Lee and I met I already had formed my sphere and activated a bunch of things and right after we met him just being in the energy of my sphere caused him to pop through his head his Kundalini flow and he has been cruising right along ever since, it is like on a spiritual level he felt that sphere and just knew that’s where he was going and set his intentions in that direction, and that is really important, because I spent months in meditation sometimes for 6 or 8 hours at a shot I would come out of it and have no clue that time had passed.  But lee having seen that sphere so to speak got his open by sheer will alone without all that time in meditation.  Now with me these activations were very gentle and for him they are very dramatic and sometimes he has been out of it for a couple days or thought he was dying and stuff cause he would just be doing his normal daily tasks and get hit with energies that would bowl him over.  When we would talk about it and I would ask him to describe exactly what he experienced physical and visions, all of it I would be able to figure out what he activated and at times he was activating two or three things simultaneously.  Its also possible that when the Dharljas who are completely activated that people who already have their Kundalini open and are very high vibration will just do ALL the steps in a day or two just boom be standing forth and not even be aware really of how it happened.  That is part of why spirit has made me aware of all of the steps because other people will be aware of some and not others and it will help to have them all written out.  So in this information I just received that circle in the center is the sphere and the line the center or equator of self.

So getting back to the info.  Spirit told me a long time ago that people see healthy and unhealthy as polarities and this belief caused them to swing from one to another and often without warning, they say things like you can just loose your health in an instant.  But the Dharljas know that is duality because the body was created to heal it self and total balance is its natural state.  Aging and any unnatural state is caused by our belief system not by any natural phenomena so like the addiction, the perception of health and lack of health and aging are all at both poles and the center line is the balance.

Part of this comes to the point of how the Dharljas do certain things like create heat to make a cold place comfortable they use this grid structure of that sphere with the line across with hot at one pole and cold the other they have taken that center line and expanded it until it fills their whole sphere and becomes pure love from there they have full control of the elements of heat and cold. 

They told me after I woke that the concept in the dream of the stuff belonging to the woman they “killed” was in reference to the fact that the illuminati do whatever they can to kill the self empowerment of us all and keep us enslaved, as us being in our true power is the greatest threat to their power.  I have been one of the dead, but they knew that I would be one of the people who would find my way eventually, much to their dismay J.  The rocks represented my true knowing and mastery of both polarity and duality, the one being my small medicine bag, my power, and the balance of the kyanite and also there being 4 pouches when the four is the number of the earth, having my power on the earth. Also the indiglo color, a blue color, ascended beings have a blue glow to their sphere of energy.  That’s one of things we first learned about channeling that if you had doubt about an entity channeling that claimed to be ascended, whether an ascended master or archangel to ask to see their blue light, if you are not a visual person as a first gift you may sense it  instead of see it but you will know you have experienced it if you don’t know that then you haven’t J  They were talking about how the grid workers for the global elite use that same grid to attempt to control us they take a truth, the center line, and surround it on all sides by some untruth and attempt to compress it until it is so small that it is hard to find that truth.  Then those who do find that truth look crazy to all the people who are out in that world sphere of planet earth, both poles left and right wing so to speak, think you are crazy causing most people to doubt the truth they have found and give into the pressure of the group consciousness by conforming and moving away from the line/equator towards one pole or the other

Both Lee and I have been under surveillance a long time, both from CIA, NSA, FBI, various black ops people and remote viewers and global elite people who work the grids to hold the power over the people.  The last couple years we have unraveled a number of their grids and Lee has been followed in the flathead a few different times.  It is interesting to note though that they used to harass us a lot but the farther we have gotten on the journey they have backed off, they are already fearful of what we can do as fully empowered people and think if they leave us alone maybe we will get delayed in the day to day worldly stuff.  They know that it is our plan after we stand forth, complete our ascension to share all of it with anyone who wants to know and see what an empowered person can do, and that the creator intended all of us to live that way, not to live in economic mental, and spiritual  slavery to the global elite.  That will expand the line of truth exponentially which is the Dharlja’s plan for the next few years knowing we are not far from the earth changes makes it the perfect time because it will cause some chaos.  With many people being so fearful of the expressions of divine humans that they will think it must be satan or aliens or trickery or who knows what all.

Well lets see think I went off on a tangent J  they were explaining some things on the polarity and using temperatures as a example but also said to think about solstice and equinox which do you prefer and I immediately thought well equinoxes but I never knew why but I immediately knew it was because I was seeking balance and that equinoxes are the balance point for the earth’s light so its was natural for me to want to align with her in that way to assist my healing journey.

Then they started talking about the teaching that metaphysics teaches of letting go of negativity and choosing joy or not coming down below neutral into negative emotions.  I always saw this in my mind as negative at the bottom, neutral in the middle, and joy up top, they said put this into the sphere and line, again see negativity at both poles and joy and neutral are both at the line and it was an aha moment that they excel at confusing something that is duality, into the thought that it is polarity.  Polarity puts joy and negativity as opposite, but negativity is not a natural state, only natural states have polarity therefore it is duality, and duality always controls both poles with the same negative thought, idea, behavior, and belief.  Like they would put democrat on one pole and republican on the other and tell us they are polarity and are opposites, when they are both the exact same negative power mongers who enslave us.  All voted to gut our rights with the patriot act for example.  On every issue that matters to the global elite getting more control of us they all vote the same.  They are duality big time J

So the key of that symbol is finding that line for every issue and expanding it to encompass the whole sphere and turn it over to pure divine love, whether it is polarity or duality, because for a polarity it gives us the ability to affect polarity which is our divine right as Dharjas so that part is part of the ascension process to gain those abilities, like controlling the temperature.  For duality is takes the negativity of the duality issue and moves it out of the sphere clearing and purifying it and replacing it with love, also moving us to ascension.  They said that once someone has their sphere activated they can begin the practice of visualizing this even before they have reached the stage of final purification, because it will become a positive habit that will speed things up for their process (now they tell me!)

They were talking later about addiction as example with addiction being at both poles and to quit an addiction you have to find that line and be able to hold it long enough to quit and be free of the compulsion that goes with the addiction to continue, or go back to the thoughts and behaviors, and that every force on the planet that the global elite have put into motion is working against you in that endeavor, but that once all of the sphere is free of the addiction the triangle (in truth pyramid) must follow suit filling it all with love and that then creates the return of balance in relation to the addiction that is the true natural state of the person, it is in the blueprint, as it were, that God holds out for us, and as that love then takes over the pyramid the process creates the SO BELOW energy bringing the full healing ending the addiction forever making that Enochian Star, the Enochian symbol, with that complete, the other circle of energy will naturally form bringing that Michaelian symbol into the picture protecting the person from that duality issue forever, a complete grid of all three orders Melchizeldek, Enoch and Michael that no longer has a line or equator. Completion.  The same is true of a polarity issue when the mel symbol with the line has been completely expanded with love the Enochian Star will form making the SO BELOW then the Michaelian Circle and when this trinity grid is complete the person will have control over the natural polarity in question.

Its universal law and unfortunately the world scumbags have been aware of and using this universal law to control everyone’s personal energy to keep them from finding these truths and using them.

Then they gave me this interesting example that they use against us and it is how they use the duality of good and bad, wanting us to believe they are polarity and we need to choose to be good or bad people.  One aspect they spoke of was like using the bible and the “thou shalt not kill” commandment, but then making exceptions that confuse the masses, like controversial capital punishment, that it’s ok for society to kill people who do bad things, and then there is self defense, which is readily acceptable to people, and then there is accidental, like a car accident, but then we have to decide if there was negligence in that and on and on with juries and no absolute guideline, and then it is all diluted to where we have the abortion debate, and the question of what is life, that they have the world so confused about killing and what is good and what is bad that they either don’t know, or they take a side and are certain they are correct so much so that the good Christian will kill the abortion doctor completely believing he is in the right and good.  That people believing they are good can be just self righteous and arrogant making both good and bad the dualities that inhabit both poles and at that center line is Divine Love, they sure don’t want us to find that, because from divine love we need no laws to tell us how to live.

At any rate I went into meditation in the afternoon and started working on these lines and pushing them out to the sphere and after a while I ran out of them and felt really awesome then I heard someone talking about the brain and saying maybe not today or something so of course I said yes today right now what’s the brain thing.  They said well the brain was a natural polarity of the body left and right and that this same energy should be applied through it to remove the polarity and so I started working that energy and could feel all the information being transferred back and forth like the left brain had every detail of this life and right brain had all the soul knowledge and they went about the transfer until both sides had all knowledge and they became one there was some kind of permanent pathway created for the whole brain to work as one instead of each having its domain or effecting only one side of the body.  A whole “string” of energy was discarded after that, upon the sharing of info it was determined to be useless.  Then I was back to moving lines into sphere again by the hundreds I don’t even know what most of them were, most must have been small stuff then one would come up that was hard to expand that line.  I heard one guide say I don’t think she can get through all that in one session, and another guide say I don’t know she is pretty determined, well I was when I heard that!  I thought I’m not getting up now and dragging these issues for who knows how far into the future I’ll stay in mediation for hours if I have to these things are going now.  So I did get through that batch.

I also got a vision a blueprint of the Divine Love temple of the retreat towards the end and it had a three sided pyramid at the top with some sort of spire then I saw a vision of some surface on it I was not sure what surface it was but it had some kind of ornate design made out of a charcoal colored metal over kind of an painted surface that was somewhat tan with a little yellowish color and looked sort of adobe surfaced hard to explain but really cool.

Then as I came out of meditation they said be really conscious every time a thought comes that is not in alignment with Divine Love visualize expanding that line into a sphere of love.

Now we get to see if any of this makes sense to anyone other than me hahahaha  Suffice to say with this came the knowing that this is a big and important breakthrough to the next stage which is always good!  The feeling was THIS IS IT  this is what I need to know to complete my standing forth.  And here you’ve been drawing it all your life hahaha guess that means you’re here to ascend!!  Go figure J


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