Purification by Water

The wave has come and washed away all that was not needed

It took me by surprise

I had just finished setting up this place

I wondered what had been lost



What survived was pure and white

There was debris all around

But none was mine

I found the poems

The writing

I hoped the new ones were there

I accepted that if they were not it would be ok

Tucked the papers into the notebook

I would look through them later

There were no clothes to be found

I did not care

I look for the cell phone

I hear one ring

It is not mine

But the person calling wants to speak to me

Communication has not been lost

Is not limited

I realize I have my purse

My identity

I have my driver’s license

My checkbook

I have the plane tickets and will be able to return home

I feel no worry

No anxiety

What appears to be a loss is not

I am perplexed at my lack of concern

I feel I have everything that truly matters

I notice the sky is blue

It is a lovely day

Engtovo ~ January 24, 2004

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