Divine Love

Divine Love

Akasha grid connected




Universal law

Music & Art come to play

Receiving and giving

One body to the other

And back again

We breathe as one being in two bodies

Knowledge passes to me from you

Understanding and healing occur

They bring this body to harmony with the other

Blending is taking a new pathway

Divine Love is the key

Fifth world energies participate

The love is swirling around filling my sphere of self to overflowing

It is nature’s way

God’s way

Earth’s way

There is essence

It is identity in truth

Filtering complete

The core is touched by Divine Love

All the work has come to this

Integration of bodies commences here

The physical aspect that comes later

Will be instant and simple

This is the gifting to and fro

The love of self

The truth of wholeness

Being experienced

It has begun

It has no end

It cannot be stopped

Resistance cannot live here anymore

Divine Love holds sway

Engtovo ~ January 24, 2004

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