Alas there is change

It is the moon of change

The cycle shifts us all

Some feel it some don’t

But make no mistake

You have been shifted

We move toward the equinox

The beginning of the first full cycle

The fifth world moves me

To lead with energy

This equinox it begins for me

I am in preparation

These changes in this moon

Set the stage

Place me ready

I agreed to do this

I am in harmony with it

I welcome this moon

Move the tide of me

I am fluid

Free to flow with the universe

This endeavor

Is perfectly aligned with these cycles

It is glorious

I feel the hearts of all who will participate

The Earth mother holds us

Her arms are strong and steady

Her cycles guiding us

Are you ready

It cannot be stopped or held

Any more than we could keep the moon full

My power is gifted in perfect synergy

To the power of a union of spirits

Together change moves through us

Change resisted brings pain

Give yourself to the flow of Divine Love

Release the pain

Animal brothers and sisters listen

And I listen

A song is sung

Peace becomes them and me

The time is here

The change is upon my breath

I welcome it into my words and deeds

Engtovo ~ January 24, 2004

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