I Can Count On ME

They slink

They slither

They deceive

They use innocents to act as bait

But they cannot achieve their goal

It is humorous from a distant perspective

The lengths to which they will go

But from the human perspective it is disgusting to see even one get used

She left herself open

She and millions of others

It is an unfortunate truth that does not make her at fault or faultless

Simply a fact

I am not that easily fooled

At times this has been my great fear that I would be fooled

But even if I were to fall for some trick

It would not last for long

My body tells me it is not right

My mind tells me it is not right

My emotions scream this is not right and

My spirit confirms this is not right

I can face your challenges

There is no other that I go to here for that validation

Those I turn to are available everywhere I am

And my divine self

I cannot be turned

Every part of me participates in the truth being brought to surface

I can count on ME

So let them slink, slither and deceive

I am already outside the box

Only those inside the box can be fooled by such things

Hit me with your best shot

Even if you knock me down

You are not capable of knocking me out

You are nothing more than a temporary distraction

And God’s life force continues on

Divine love is the answer to every prayer

And this day it guided me quickly through

It will not falter

And my life force continues on in harmony

Engtovo ~ January 19, 2004

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