The Indian man approaches the women looking for the faithkeeper

Many wish to receive the gift he has for her

It is braided with beads and horse hair

A symbol of her role

None feel right to him as he listens patiently to them pleading their case

I am hidden

I listen

A small still voice within speaks

I think it is me

I peek out

He sees me

He knows it is me

He wishes to come to me

I ask him to wait until I finish what I am doing and come forth

He does

He gives to me the gift

I feel it in my hand and know it is mine

I leave and he gives me a warning

For a moment I question his intention

But then know he is true

I follow his heed

And am immediately shown the truth of his warning

I am grateful

I move forward with this journey

As faithkeeper

One who is charged to remain in the state of peace in the midst of chaos

When others have given in to fear and anger

I will hold strong for my clan

My clan is humanity

The challenge is great

But it came to me

And I must believe that that creator gave me whatever I need to meet it

It is not something I will attempt to do

But simply who I am

I will have faith in all life and

Faith in myself to be true to my nature

The Dog & Eagle have shown me how to traverse the trails of fire and poison

And not be touched

The Eagle showed me that it is alive when I was told it is dead

No one can take this faith, this truth

My clan doubts and fears but I will remain true

It is who I am

I am the faithkeeper

Engtovo ~ January 19, 2004

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