Bear & Eagle Mates

Two bears walk side by side

Mated eagles glide above

The wars have ended

The eagle dance progressed

And fear of the bear attack passed

The new script has been written and implemented

The dual spiral of balanced male and female is magnetically being brought into

Unity, harmony and synchronistic movement

The hearts are ready

They are free and open to the universal dance

It is more than physical

More than spiritual

Emotions, thoughts, intentions, energies

Intertwine so completely that two work as one

The boundaries are clear and respected

Within this divine commitment of Bear and Eagle medicine

The spirit within each fully spiraling within the other

The time has come where work done distant

Is ready to be done hand in hand

Hibernation over

The bear essence of each must leave the cave

To take flight in their dual journey




Looking over the scene from above

Each perspective unique

They see the same scene from a different angle

These two blended have a complete picture

Balance is achieved in blending

This balance brings a new level of peace to both

Bear & Eagle live comfortably within them both

As they share the male and female essence of each with one another

Engtovo ~ January 18, 2004

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