Ocean Spirit

Waves rolling in

Tide gently rising

This is my natural environment

I am water

I am flowing


Each movement of the water speaks to my heart

Offers me a connection to all that is

It is a rhythm

A timing that is akin to me

When I am away too long

I feel out of rhythm

I lose track of my emotion

In time loose the emotional nature of my being

Taking me out of harmony

I must return

I must feel each wave reach up and caress my toes

Take me into the love and rhythm of life

Allow me to move through the days of gentle washing

To the days of intensity and crashing power upon the shore

They both are given equal importance here

Both respected and valued

Take me to the sands Great Spirit

Give my soul rest in my true environment

Allow the water to recharge me

Refresh me

Heal me

Remember how the drop of water that is me is part of the great whole

Let me ride the crest of the wave as it comes home

Let me sit beside my turtle relatives

And speak to the dolphins and whales

You know me Great Spirit

I am a creature of the mighty water

Left away too long I will wither and die

Take me home to the ocean

I am parched

It has been a long time

The mountains of this magnificent place have inspired me

They have helped me reach for the sky

Now return me to the depth of my heart

To the blood of the earth

To the power of my true nature

Engtovo ~ October 16, 2003

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