Receiving and giving

So often presented as giving and receiving

If we do not first receive from the Creator what is it we give

How do we sustain ourselves

Keep from giving the vital force that keeps us alive

We must first receive and be comfortable in the receiving

Allow ourselves to overflow in the Creator’s love

Until this love flows unto those around us

We have been taught to live up side down

That it is more important to give

This was not a teaching offered in malice

It was a teaching offered to show us how to be unselfish

But spiritual energies are not Christmas gifts under the tree

When we give energies we are then depleted if we are not properly receiving

We cannot simply return to Wal-Mart to buy a new gift for another person

In spiritual energies we must in fact be first selfish

If we are not we are not truly capable of helping others

We must bring in these spiritual energies from the Creator

We must choose to see ourselves as worthy of all this good energy

From this place of filling full


We are then free to give, knowing we can not be depleted

For we are continuing to receive in every moment

The journey to knowing our worth

Is our journey to allowing ourselves to receive in fullness

We hold ourselves separate from the Creator

We feel we do not deserve all of the Creators love and energy

We think that if we give and do good deeds we will become worthy

In so doing we become tired and weary

expending our limited amount of vital life force

Many die in this process

Never understanding they are worthy

That they do not need to give away their life force to prove their worth

But in fact the Creator desires to fill them with life force in every moment

In the process giving us the ability to truly give to others

without giving our life away

We have the right and inheritance of life and this is the right,

In fact the responsibility, to receive

To be vital in this life and flow that vitality out to all life

without losing it for ourselves

This nourishes all other life

As the Creator directs it to us to nourish our life

It is the cycle of life

We must receive and give

Let us stop giving and receiving

For once we have given

The receiving comes too late

We are sick


Void of faith

Or dead

Let us choose life together


Engtovo ~ October, 15, 2003

6 thoughts on “Receive

  1. wow!!
    it is a very touching poem by engtovo and i REALLY love the words about recieving and giving. i really love the poem!!!

  2. hi guys!

    i think this poem is really nice but i have a question.
    who made this poem? its so i really wanna know who made his poem. pls somebosy tell me

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