Law of Integrity

Prompt me god to continue

I question how much more my heart can take

Why is this world so difficult to stand in

Things so simple

So true to all religious or spiritual beliefs

Seem to be constant struggles for those people who I meet

What part of “stealing is wrong”

Is so hard to understand

I can understand the concept of people questioning what is stealing

When the line is grey

When the ownership is uncertain

But that is not at issue here father

The line is clearly defined

Something taken without regard

Without regret

No remorse

No understanding at all that something was done that is wrong

Not just by the doer of the deed

But also by the maker of ceremonies

The spiritual leader of many

I cannot understand this

Where is the confusion with these three people

How and when will they learn this most basic law

Law of the universe

Law of humanity

Law of integrity

How many other laws of yours that are simple enough for the youngest of child

Do they not understand or consciously break

My heart grieves

I cannot make ceremony with someone who steals from me

Or makes stealing from me ok for another

The fact that what was stolen was sacred

A gift from you to me

That I wanted to share with my son

Adds insult to injury

The theft happened in the midst of sacred ceremony

And the sacred item taken into the ceremony as an adornment

A marriage ceremony something I also hold most sacred

Based in your teachings to me

Made dirty with the theft of the wife & her teacher

And the ignorance of the husband

What will become of such a marriage father

I gifted this marriage my sacred marriage cloth as well

Will I watch as a commitment made in lies

Crumbles in its own creation

How many people will be hurt by this breaking of basic laws

How long will we continue forth in a world where this is seen as so small a transgression

That it is not to be noticed

Seen as insignificant

I know that we are all not perfect

That we all have faltered in the law of integrity

But these three don’t seem to care

They cannot even acknowledge that something wrong has taken place

How deeply is the corruption ingrained in the consciousness of humans

Where are there hearts that I can connect with my own

Ones who can say simply I faltered I’m sorry

To wake up the next day conscious of this faltering

And striving to do better

This is honesty

Living in truth

Does it exist here

I turn to you God

I ask you to make your laws alive in me

In spirit

In thought

In deed

These three people show me what I do not want to be

Take me down your road God

Teach me what I do not yet know of your laws

Lift my heavy heart

Fill every place within me that is unfulfilled

So that I may walk your laws on this earth

And become the law of integrity

Engtovo ~ September 21, 2003

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