Anger entwined with sadness

Betrayal of the intention of the divine

Those who come to offer themselves but will not stand up for themselves

Make the offering void

There is difference between boundary and limitation

Boundaries we set allow us to live free

Allow us to respect ourselves

Limitations are those that are set to control others

Boundaries are born in right action right thought

What is in the best and highest good of all

We cannot grow as humans without boundaries

No more than a child can become an adult alone

Without boundaries we can be only victims

And or victimizers

Things such as murder and rape become ok

In the world without boundaries

Respect comes from acknowledging your own boundaries

And the boundaries of others

A world without respect

Is a world filled with pain

It is the world which we have created here

A world where people take what belongs to another

Covet their connection to the divine

Kill all the inhabitants of an area to steal the land and resources

Enslave people and con them into thinking they are free

I will stand in my boundaries

I will stand thus in my freedom

I will not cower before the ignorance of others

They speak of respect but it is only words

They live the truth of

See no evil

Hear no evil

Speak no evil

They do not accept their responsibility in creating evil

By refusing to set or acknowledge boundaries

There is only a moment that is this life

I will not waste its precious energies

I allow into my space only those who know boundaries

Those who can acknowledge and honor my boundaries

Those who are clear on their own boundaries

So that I can honor theirs

In this mutual respect and honoring of basics truths

Of right and wrong

Harmony can be found

Engtovo ~ September 21, 2003

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