I have but will no longer

This place is toxic

Why would I choose to acclimate to this

I know another way

That is what the rest of the world should acclimate to

God’s way

Let them adjust

Let them change the world we live in

Make this world God’s world in truth

I am disgusted


I want the real life back

The one I left to understand this one

To be of service

I do not understand this one

I never will

I have experienced it only

The more time I spend here

The less I understand

To experience the other way

Would it change them

How long would be enough

For change to occur

For the desire to become an inner fire


Would they return and forget

Acclimate back into the toxic life

What will it take

I have no answers

I have only prayers

My desire is to return home

My prayer is to return home

My heart is too close to home

To acclimate here ever again

Engtovo ~ September 21, 2003

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