Somehow what mind wants to see as complications for my life

My spirit knows is simplifying my life

This seems so incongruous

Houses, properties, accounts

More things to care take

Will serve as tools of simplification

And yet the peaceful sensation of this life I manifest

Does indeed feel simple

Perhaps the simplicity comes from putting this life into a form

that allows me to be free within it

Creating a pure structure that I can move within

That no longer requires me to create continuously new structures

I am anxious to experiment with this new structure of simplicity

to feel each softly contoured edge

Time no longer spent on thought of organization

Frees my mind and expression to be in the joy of simply pleasures

A moment with another being

An outpouring of creativity

Raising my voice in song

Putting my pencil to paper

Life in the moment with no need to serve the future with thoughts and knowing

My structure is beyond time and space

Ah simplicity

I am simplifying

Through adding instead of subtracting

Even with understanding the concept feels odd

And yet clear and defined

Another shadow turned to serve the light

Glorious it is

I allow it to be so

Engtovo ~ August 16, 1003

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