I awaken

Dreams are no more

Those chosen are manifesting now

New work begins in the waking state

Dreamtime has birthed new life

Years have past in the experience of this life

As dreams that have traversed time

Past present and potential futures

Come out now to cement a current path into a world created anew

By dreams shared by many

I welcome these dreams in their perfect outpouring of expression

Each one was tried and tested in multiple forms

before it proved itself worthy of physical manifestation

Dreamtime now changes forever for me

The time comes

where I will remain in the conscious dreamtime of earthly life always

Never will my body sleep allowing spirit to play out all the scenarios

My scenarios are all played out there

Now only the embrace of dreams manifest is left

I have awoken

I meet the energies of creation directly

I no longer hide in the symbology

of my subconscious connection to the divine

I have enjoyed my dreamtime

But it will not be missed

As awake time fully conscious is where joy

and true unlimited expression are the foundations for service of a larger calling

Heart needs no escape

No reviewing

God love leads the way with peace

Goodbye dreamtime

Welcome dreams to earth

Blessing to all participants

I stand freely before my Creator and greet my chosen destiny of dreams

Engtovo ~ August 16, 2003

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