Kauai Calls

The eagle ready to fledge

Simply fly

You are strong enough

To bridge the mighty ocean

For Kauai calls

The rain gods have spoken

The answer to water prayers offered out

Through the river

To the ocean

Come and heal

Kauai calls

Rest, retreat, love

Feel the eagle sprit of Aloha grow within

Kauai calls

Ease your heart

Relax your body

Sway in the breeze

Like a palm along the shore

Kauai calls

Let go

Let Kauai answer the prayer fully

Let the warmth radiate to every cell

Kauai calls

You didn’t know you wanted Kauai

You put out a true prayer

And Kauai answered

With her call of nourishment

Come into the womb of your earth mother

Place yourself in the arms of her great waters

Safe and beloved

Kauai calls

Heed the call

Put aside the old ideas

Know your prayer is answered

The white sand awaits your tender winter feet

To lay bare on the shore

Say Mahalo to the listening spirits

And pack your bags

Kauai Calls!

When the ancient lands of Mu call you home


Lay out your heart to her sun and water

Allow her breezes to move away

All that no longer serves your true self

Allow Kauai to set a boundary of Aloha around you

That no energy from the mainland can reach

Kauai calls

Because it time

She blesses you with healing and protection

And you shall bless her

By bringing your true heart out into life

Without reservation or fear

When Kauai calls

There are no restrictions

No obstacles

The path is clear

Leave everything behind and fly

Let the earth mother show the way

Let her whisper on the wind

And lift your wings

She will carry you home

Kauai Calls

Come home

Your Aloha is missed

Engtovo ~ April 22, 2003

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