Earth Dance

Circle of creation

We enter

We pray

Pour forth love to all of creation

Commitments made to our earth mother

We honor her gift of life

Her nurturance of our every physical need

Commitments made to future generations

We give forth love for your arrival

Committed to give you a world better than the one we inherited

A thriving inhabitable planet

Understanding of joy and celebration

A safe place for open hearts

To share as the creator intended

We purify our bodies, minds, emotions and spirits

We enter the womb of our mother and sweat

Smudge away the energies that interfere

With our true expression of love

We prepare the sacred pipe

To carry our prayers for all life

The dance begins

The circle moves the sacred spiral upward

And calls it back down the center

To ground our prayers as living truth

We acknowledge the four directions

And all the medicine present within and all around

The eight winds of change come forth and bring healing to each of us

And out through us to all life

We dance the ideal of our pyramid foundation that points above

Into manifestation creating the below grid of our Enochian six pointed star

To hold this ideal present in our lives everyday

To share with the world as we walk forth from ceremony to your daily life

On the 3rd day of the dance

Having finished building the second triangle of our sacred star

The moon rises full

To bless each one with completion and release

Thanking us with gentle light for participation

We awaken to a forth day of celebration in the living prayer

With the new energy to the dance

The pipe is smoked and it is done

Until we begin the process again

We give our hearts in thanks to the Dharljas

The Hopi and the Blackfeet

For holding the solstice and equinox energies

Holding this planet gently for our awakening to the dance once again

We will grow the moon dances

While they hold these sacred four seasonal changes

We will not cease

Until all who live on earth hear the call of the dance

And come home to the love of creator and earth

Self responsible for what we leave behind for each generation to come on all levels

It is the dance of healing

For us

For the earth

For the future

For the children

It is Earth Dance

Engtovo ~ February 4, 2003

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