God Core

Sentimental journey this is not

Attachment to old thoughts of lives lived has no place here

This life is its own

It is supported by others

They are foundation not musing

The truth and power of who I am is not defined by

The family




That I have experienced

It is in my heart

Of my God self

Born there at my creation

As first soul then Spirit

Foreseen by my Creator

It does not need past scenarios to be understood

It is pure core that is beyond all these things

That does not lessen the memories

Does not lessen the bonds of love

Those bonds and memories were born out of the core

Not the other way around

I must remain loyal to that core

That essence of Divine Principle

That is there inside all I have ever done

When I walk this earth be it Tatiacha



Or Diane

It is the divine in me that is the constant that sustains me

I am not sustained by self as Engtovo in my other body

Engtovo and I, both bodies

Are sustained by our God core

Propelled forward in decisions and actions and true intent by God within

Turn not this power over to any

It is the true self

The spark of the divine

Simply reside there now

In my God core

Living from this place

Everything else in my life will simply answer the command of this love energy

Every thing flows from here

It is where truth is spoken

Where love is understood

Where divine laws are enacted through self to manifest in the physical world

It is my center of creation

Where God and I join as the one that we are

And move energies outward to effect the surrounding manifestation

Bring every thought word and deed to the God core

And in all the worlds will I have dominion

No act could come of selfishness, ego, or greed from this core

This is where God asks me to be evermore

And so it is

Engtovo ~ January 10, 2003

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