Egos of Men

Tears faded


Moved on to memory of letting go

I find a gentle balance in the midst of apparent world chaos

War with Iraq moves close

As North Korea speaks of world war three being theirs to proclaim

How detached from responsibility or outcome do you have to become

To banter a world war

Like a child manipulates for a piece of candy

A planet in the balance

It all escapes me at an emotional level

And yet it is in emotion

These threats are made

Then it becomes a mental game where all life loses

While men laugh in their self importance

Silently God watches and listens

So that the Divine Principle of love can be put into action

In the time and place that will change the ego games of men

Into a world of truth

There is a foe to this game

That does not need to resist

For the power so dwarfs that of men of ego

There cannot even be a battle

Silently in hearts

feelings come

Whispers are heard

And average people

Will rise up to do extraordinary things

The men of ego will not be able to determine from whence they come

Armed with grace and compassion

Their work will be laughed at and scorned at first

But they are diligent and their hearts purified

A war will commence

But the people will say NO

We will no longer support war on this planet

The voice will be small at first among the din of war

But it will grow stronger as days pass

Until the egos of men are silenced

This will be your last war

Men of ego

Your time here of domination has come to an end

The balance has been born in many hearts

Not just my own

Together we stand

Ready to heed the whisper of our true creator

The outcome already determined

One inhabitable earth and millions of species sharing her grace in peace

Engtovo ~ January 10, 2003

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