The Decision Is Made

Decision made

The legions have been called forth

Intention placed out into this universe and beyond

The energy beside me



Soon it will have form

And interactions will take a new expression

Support has been spoken

Permissions granted by all involved

A peace has seeped in

The weariness is not fully passed

But clearly it has agreed to leave me now

Two bodies will become one expression once more

And walk hand in hand with my mate

Through this work to come

I will stand in the essence of bear, eagle and cougar

This trinity of energy will be seen through physical manifestation by owl

And these four will give rise to all other creatures of land and sea

I will be the spider

Who weaves the web of creation for this next world

Many fear spiders

They will run

Scream, cower

I have no control of their fear

This web is a gift for any who choose to use it

There will be song and prose

Teaching and inspiration

Shared by masters and avatars throughout this world

Some of the powers that be will laugh

And think how quaint and ridiculous

Others however will know this is the greatest challenge

To the authority the wield

The science of God will come forth from my lips

And from my hand to the chalkboard

I will redefine physics, astronomy and human biology just to start

Those whose minds are that of a true scientist will follow through with passion this truth

Those who call themselves scientists

But whose minds are small and closed

Will attempt to say it’s impossible

But the equations will stand on their own


for God’s law when fully seen or understood

Is absolute

The law stands

It is

There are those who would misuse the law

That manipulate the planet

But the law itself remains intact

Yes the decision is made in fullness

There is no regret

Only anticipation of God’s requests for me

And a complete willingness to comply with joy

Beloved Seb will take time to continue the journey of leadership by action

Thus serving many in their ascension path

Perhaps he will not understand this choice he has made

Or my own with Makenai now

But it will come clear to him as he moves into his divine expression

I send only love to you my brother

I know you will serve well as you always have

Archangel of Love

Take me God

I am yours in truth

My decision is made


Engtovo ~ January 9, 2003

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