If the future were in the hands of ordinary people

Those of heart

There would be no lines

Arbitrary lines set forth by men

To give themselves power and control

There would be no invisible line between Mexico and the U.S.

Or the U.S. and Canada

There would be no countries

To draw the line in the sand

And defend it against nothing

No threats would exist

We would not be of state or countries

We would be of our continent, of our planet

Without our belief in invisible lines

We would share the land

The food

The resources

For it is only the perceived line that allows ownership

To commence and control then to take hold

A world without lines

It is a goal worth working for

There are those who think a world without lines

Would simply allow them to control it all

But where would they make their compound

And keep us at bay

With no lines to protect them

This world cannot be controlled in truth

Many have tried

All have failed

Because although you can get the masses to enthusiastically support

The line theory you present them at the time

They will always have within them

A line they will not cross

Do you see lines work both ways

Now it is you who have crossed the line dark ones

And the people will rise up and retake their truth

A world without lines will be born

Engtovo ~ December 25, 2002

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