Cloudless Dawn

Hey Hey Hey Hey

Torment me not

Dreams of scattered activity

Another way births

This way is simple

Confusion has given heed to new focus

New understanding

Heart sings clear

Shines like the sun at a cloudless dawn

Brilliant it greets me

Mind has released

Let go to heart

Another year passes

My thought moves closer to true expression

I see before me my dharma

I welcome it with gratitude

As I welcome the sun at dawn

The rays of my future crest the mountain top

And fall upon me with gentle simplicity

They warm my body and my heart

And call me into the work of this day

With understanding of the energies that follow in days to come

If not the actions of those days themselves

The night has pulled me to this moment of dawning

With it I stand purified before my creator

Each ray of light fills me to overflowing

I am fulfilled in my every desire

There are no clouds on my horizon

The dawn has brought the blue sky in fullness

Hand in hand with the pink of love

And the orange of creation

This cloudless dawn

Fully awakens the last part of my heart

That remained fearful and unable to trust

It has brought me home

To the truth


Engtovo ~ November 18, 2002

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