Think What You Will

Obsessed with negative thought

They overflow onto me

Attempting to attach to me

So that I will manifest them

Or accept them as my truth

I shall not

My creation does not belong to your fear

I understand the difficulties you find yourself in

The depth of fog

But a new clarity reigns here with me

It will not be clouded by you wanting me to experience with you

Similarity on levels draws us together

But also we are different

We cannot be always the same

I pray for you to let go

Give God room to work within your heart

To clear the fears

You place upon me a vision I did not ask for

When another did so to you

With certainly

You rebelled

You angered

How dare she

How dare you do the same to me

You do not know my next steps

Not in truth

You want to limit me with your perceptions

So I will stay in the oppression that mirrors your own

I will not

Cannot do this my friend

I have my own trail to blaze

And you would do well to follow my lead

This moment you wish to stay in drama

In fear

And complain

And think obsessively about 1 or 2 outcomes

To go from negative to positive

When they are the least likely of thousands possible

I cannot be your drama codependent

I can listen when emotion is true and in pure movement

But I must distance when mental spin takes control

With no real desire for solution

I will not be joining in the physical for that folly

I will continue on where God wants me

At home in Montana

Among the annoying who hide

I will not be noticed as I stand forth

You will not know

Unless I choose to tell you

That is the fact

The truth

You are perceptive and have gifts

But you cannot use that fact

To attempt to influence me

By offering me a perception that God has shown different

I will only trust the within

Think what you will

Obsess alone

It is not my role to participate in that

Anymore than the Dharljas have participated with me

When I did the same

Be free

You have choice

Putting your fears and thoughts onto me however

Is not one of them

Engtovo ~ November 17, 2002

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