Do For

Sponges take up the spills of what is undesired

What causes some humans to take this energy upon them

Taking the cause of another

Seeking to offer solution

In return for acceptance perhaps

Looking for a way to be perceived as useful or in fact indispensable

Such a waste of precious life force it is

There is no more time to spend looking for ways to provide for

Instead of showing how to manifest from within self

Thoughts moved through over the years always desiring to care take others

While my own health failed

I did not care for myself

Others willingly participated in this endeavor

To attempt to “do for” everyone else

Not loving myself

Now I will care for myself with absolute selfishness

Knowing it will ultimately result in my most selfless expression

Coming to the surface to serve the whole for God

Instead of caretaking a few for self

That has been an act of selfish control

That harms all parties

I shall find a place for

My work

My love

My creative force

My regeneration on every level

I will enter this space alone

And invite others in only as I feel the energy is right

To continue the positive force I create

Thank you father

For this wisdom and understanding

Thank you for creating with me this space

Within and without

For the next step of my journey with you

Engtovo ~ November 17, 2002

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