Transmutation of Family

Sentimental journeys will come later

This time is for good byes

They are sweet and sorrowful at once

Proof that the goal was accomplished

The contracts fulfilled

There is no space to dwell with this change as it happens

The outpouring of emotion

That sits on the edge of our consciousness will come after parting

Four different ways we spread

Like the four winds

To seek our own place in the creation

We will all take solace in the knowing

That what we did was most unusual

Enveloping the whole into an energy

No one else will truly be able to know the being of

There is no grief in the spirit

It is mind that must purge emotions here

The spirits are now free to fly the gentle breezes of beauty

Each to the best of their own ability


We are now in this shedding of skin

Our freedom rips and tears at us

But we will not stop to bother with what has been shed

The transmutation of family is at hand

Engtovo ~ November 9, 2002

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