The Last Minute

Last minute organization

Feels good

Feels right

Things in place

Orderly thoughts

For a spontaneous life

There are no limits here

The plan is at hand

What was once obstacle

Has been removed

I glance around the situation

And everything falls into place

Not everyone is flowing freely

Without resistance

Yet they move into place

What appears last minute

Has been in progress for years

In gratitude I bless the passage

The stepping stones

Have all been placed

At the last minute

And I will cross the river

I am no longer afraid of the emotion therein

It can sweep me away if that’s needed

Many stand upon the banks

To retrieve me

At the last minute

If I am immersed too long

Or the rapids are near

Divine timing is at hand

And it is the right timing

Clearly in retrospect of all that has passed

It only appears here in the fog

To always be

The last minute

I trust that all will appear

At the exact minute

It is truly required

Engtovo ~ November 9, 2002

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