Where Will My Foot Fall

Tell me self

Where will my foot fall next upon this journey

What place will I call home

Where does the creator ask me next to serve

I stand ready

My bed is made

It is filled with softness

For gentle slumber

That prepares me for each new expression

Dreams manifest with healing waters of emotion

The flow comes from within

And reaches out to touch all that is

And collapses back upon itself

With transformation of thoughts and feelings

The balance I prayed to find

Crept in and attacked by surprise

Sending my consciousness into a state of healing chaos

The chaos came with divine order

Clearing out all that stands in the way

This answered prayer

I greet with a heart of thankfulness

It is from this place

That I call for knowing of the next phase

Where will my foot fall

For that is the place

I will next lay my head

The foundation I will use to serve my further growth

A place I will pool my reserves

The rhythm that will serve the love in my heart

Give me a dream this night

To shine the direction my journey now takes

Show me where my foot will fall next

Engtovo ~ October 24, 2002

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