Not Damaged

Sent me through trails of hell

Over coals

Burning embers

I am unscathed

I believe I am damaged

But my bare feet remain unburned

Perhaps I feel I should be damaged

That if I am not

Then it lessens the truth of these years of pain and suffering

Like a widow

Thinking she must grieve for a preordained period of time

Have I forced myself to present a image for self as damaged

Why can’t I just be free of it all

In an instant

This instant

What timetable have I chosen for this illusion

My spirit is pure



With power beyond mind’s understanding

How long has it chosen to hide behind lies and deception that it is less

How much hell does it want to experience

And then how long will it take for appropriate recovery

I truly need not recover

For in truth nothing has occurred in hell

My spirit has not been damaged

All that has been changed is its understanding

Of the experiences of others

Does this not in fact make me stronger

Instead of damaged

I ask my spirit to live the truth

Leave all these lies behind today

Make this the instant of completion for this illusion

I am not damaged

Engtovo ~ September 30, 2002

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