Temp me not with foolish limitations

I cannot succumb to them

Even from the abyss

I am no longer that ignorant

I know there is another way

A life free from these struggles

Temp me not with promises of mortal life of slavery

For even the greatest of such

Could not shut down the place in my heart that knows it is still slavery

disguised as freedom

There is no temptation of the old ways

I know too much to look back or even look away

Even in moments when I want to because I am weary of the journey

And cannot find the strength to continue

I do not need to find my strength

For I have asked God to carry me

In God’s arms I cannot hear your temptation

Cannot acknowledge their existence

They have become nothing

That annoys you all

As you present them to me as available truth

Because you are not able to see the lies of them

You will simply have to be annoyed then



Perhaps you will think me crazy even

I do not care

What has reached my God core as true knowing

Cannot be ignored

Cannot be tempted by thought mine or yours

Truth has a life of its own

My heart may be weary


At times angry or apathetic

But even in this state

It cannot be swayed

Because it is open



Your temptations would require it to close

To stop feeling and loving

That is no longer possible

God’s life is too fully within it

I know you cannot see this

Feel this

Or know this

So you will continue to offer me your temptations

I will simple continue to say no

You will react as you will

I am free to live my heart

You and your temptation have no power to change that

This frustrates you in your need for dominance over me

But the very thing that you want to steal from me

Is available to you in every moment

All that you need do is face the demon of your own temptation

And your heart will open

And God will carry you as well

Engtovo ~ September 28, 2002

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