Your opinions play to my doubts

And seek partnership to form limitation and webs of fear

I remove your thoughts

I remove my doubts

I remove these limitations

And trust my inner knowing

I will no longer fear the unknown

I will no longer accept

Any version of truth that did not come from within

I have given power to the beliefs of others

Allowed myself to play the role of victim

I renounce victimization thought forms

I take my power and say to myself and all in this mortal universe

Your thoughts, viewpoints, ideas

Have no power in my universe

They cannot stop me from my creation for self

I renounce all that does not come from my direct connection with God

in its pure form

I hope you all will find the place within

To renounce for yourself

Any view offered you that did not come from God within yourself

The day of renunciation is at hand

My creation is here from within

Where all the divine universe acknowledges and creates with me

from divine principle in wholeness

So be it

Engtovo ~ September 28, 2002

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