Tears Of Purity

Tears of purity

My eyes are not reddened

Not swollen

The release is of truth revealed

There is not poison any longer

I am purified

All that is left is unfoldment

Of the truth released

Into divine manifestation

I no longer await

Healing or manifestation

For I have become these things

Body, mind, emotion and soul

Blend into one expression

No longer struggling against one another

Acceptance of self in full mortality

Has stepped forth

And tears of purity

Have rolled down the cheeks

Leaving no stain

So soiling

For they are without guilt

Simply expressing the moment

Of their birth

There will be more of these tears

Released in the weeks to come

As I walk headlong into my destiny

Each time they will lighten my load

Bring a sense of peace into my being

Like a snake shedding its skin

Its former life

These tears of purity are shed

Leaving the old life behind forever

My new skin is what I have created it to be

Through God

Unique as a single fingerprint

It belongs to me

For the purpose of service

To the creator

Through which it came to life

The struggle to shed the old skin is temporary

And I am standing on the edge

Of pure freedom and movement

The time is at hand

As it has been foreseen

These tears are the gift of validation

For all that went unspoken

Each one

So clear

So free

So pure

They ease my transformation

Into the flow

Of pure consciousness

They tell me stories of what I leave behind

That will not be missed

And allow me clear vision

Of what is to come

Tears of purity

Blessed me this day

And never will a tear

Sting me again

I am free



My loyalty to God has sustained me

And now all of God is at my side

To create with me

A world where every tear is pure
Engtovo ~ September 27, 2002

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