Walk Away

Like salt rubbing deeply into old wounds

The acts of deception continue forth

In a flurry of oblivious moments

The owl is watching

It seeks through each and every dark act

And hollers out… who

She hears not

Choice has caused her selective deafness

The agendas move on with no participants

When will she notice there are no actors for her scenes

I am at a crossroads

I have been here before

Each time I arrive I have greater understanding

Times past I have chosen my direction in levels of anger

Stronger than levels of understanding

Now a shift has occurred and understanding is greater than anger

Yet the chosen road clearly now the same

Walk away

There are no pawns left for her to suck me back in

There is no confusion for me to return thinking my anger needs resolution

I am free

I choose with anger and understanding of my choice

Not rigidly or with the charge of never or forever

Just simply

Walk away

I have done my time

And akin to an inmate

The prison has become a place known and safe even in its oppression

What lies beyond the gates of this compound is enticing

This has filled me with fear until now

This moment freedom has washed those fears away

I enact myself

My power

And clearly state no more

I do not give you my power

I walk away

Engtovo ~ April 9, 2002

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