New Eden

A brand new Eden

Grids birthed forth with fullness of light

Beauty and excitement of change and new environment

What is being left behind

Will be remembered but not grieved

It served its time

It supported all life

And gave joy to all who entered

The new Eden will do the same

It is with a heart full of exuberance and joyful play

That I feel the new Eden’s arrival

It is like a birth

A new infant

That will grow over the next 15-20 years into full adulthood and size

It is a co-creation

Of hearts pure in God’s love

An expression of earth and spirit in total balance as one

I seek this new Eden

First in my heart

Then soon in my body as well

It awaits me

Like a true mother awaits the arrival of the child from the womb

I have been spun here in the cocoon of my journey

And I envision the self

I am becoming the butterfly

And the new Eden I will fly over

Flowers await my gentle touch and pollination skills

And I will tenderly stop and enjoy each one

For Eden is joy in true expression

The joy reaches out into this cocoon

And teaches the transforming self

How to use the wings forming

To fly free

To fly home

My creator’s arms outstretched guide me as a beacon

And although I have never been to this new Eden

Already it is home

Engtovo ~ April 9, 2002

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