Temporary deception

Blinding confusion

Tears fall gently down my saddened cheeks

Tenderly raining

Nature echoes the same

It is done

My soul calls out in anguish

There will be no more

I will not be victim

Nor turn to be victimizer


A place in my heart already moves forth in newness

The old grieves and turns over to the new

Ripping apart

Shredding of past life based in deception and falseness

The tears cleanse my body and soul

As the earth cries with me

There is a season for all things

The season of winter ends now with this relationship

Spring bursts forth with new life

New flowers and scents

To carry me forth into the summer of my work

I allowed myself to be deceived

I watched a thousand scenes play out

I had my reasons

Another way calls

Not all can come

Those who are deceivers shall be left behind

To wallow in their deceptions alone

I have no regret

No remorse

No guilt

I did as I agreed to do

No less

As I move on

I will be villainized by the deceivers

This is understood

So be it

For who I am

Is between me and God

No accusations may affect me

As I choose freedom and joy

It is my right

I enact it this moment

Attracting all that is good in this world

And repelling the deceivers and their deceptions

Engtovo ~ April 9, 2002

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