You came with the yoke of God

Bearing the name of medicine present in the synchronistic moments of unfoldment

Your pure spirit shined with exuberance and youthful joy

Heart at your center emanating out to all who approached with gentleness

Cry we will not at your passing

As you have asked that it be so

“See what I have taught with my life, that is my gift”

You say unto me this eve

This lack of tears foreign to my nature at a loss

Leaves a feeling of void

I attempt now to do what you ask

I will begin with the pipe

Prayers for all life

In joy and freedom

And so it is

That your spirit’s gift is shown to me

In a most personal way

Pacifism reigns within

Conflicts leave me

May we run not from anything, not to anything

But simply for the freedom felt in experiencing the physical expression on this earth with

childlike joy

I will give my joy up for no one

But will share it with all

I will walk with gentleness

and remember to express my excitement and love for every moment

and every person I love

May this love, peace, joy and freedom spread as quick as wildfire

Transforming and transmuting with the power of the divine spark within

Aho Kodiak

Totem teacher wolf spirit

May your joy on earth carry on into spirit and touch souls there as it has here

May all you have taught me continue to unfold in my heart

and move out into expression everyday

You have made the world a better place simply by choosing to be in it

Tatiacha ~ March 12, 2002

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