White Eagle Woman

Three feathered white eagle woman

How you soar

The key to your cage

Was always yours

Choice has been evoked

With intentions clear

And the sky is filled

With joyous current to explore

With keen eye

The terrain below is assessed

Living wisdom in expression blessed

Where will you fly

Where will a nest be built

High upon a ledge

Overlooking this place

There is knowing of its essence and embrace

Simple truth is all that is required

And dreamtime work has led to the dawning day

The medicine is strong

The vision clear

Vanquished now are all the fears

No man

Mortal or divine

Could clip your wings

For the feathers three are

Integration of your being

Sun glimmers brightly off your white body in your flight

Reflecting what is pure to all in sight

Three feathered white eagle woman

You are free

Take notice universe of what will be

Return of the white eagle to her home

To the teachings of the Great Spirit and the earth

The intent so pure it cannot be stopped

And flowing of the pure spirit fills the skies

Prophecy now fulfilled

As three feathered white eagle woman cannot be killed

Engtovo ~ December 12, 2001

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