The Road

There is a road that winds around the bend into a new life

It is my road

Freshly paved

Free of pot holes

It is smooth easy travel

I have been paving it for years

Once I have traveled it the road will remain

If others find it

They are welcome to travel it too

The new life I am paving my way to

is one that is new only to thought in this body

It is a life I have lived before

But it has been changed forever by the experience of the road

The people in this life remain true to themselves

It is I who am different

But they accept these changes within me as a gift to the whole

This road is blessed and ordained

The bend is the last one

For after this curve is the final stretch of my road

It is straight and fast

As I round this bend I can catch glimpses into the new regions of the road

And it is a sight that is unlimited

I remain committed to my travel

I am not weary

Even though body, mind and emotion has previously led me to believe I was

My spirit has endured and has ample energies to continue to my destination

After all it is my road

I never stopped building it

And the road itself has already reached the destination

It is only the conscious mortal being that is still traveling on this journey

It is laid out and simple

I only need allow myself to see to the horizon of this road each day

For there are no surprises here

Nothing my spirit has not already seen while building this road

My job is simply to travel upon it grateful to my spirit

For the fine job it has done in construction

No fear need enter thought

For the road is perfect

No emotion or experience need I worry about

They have all been accounted for

No tiredness of body will stop me from reaching the destination

For the road is no longer than my body can endure

I have paved my own pathway

And now I journey upon this road with gratitude and grace

Engtovo ~ December 12, 2001

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