Soul Pushed Forward

I will not break down

My spirit remains true

As my body faltered

My soul pushed forward

And now pulls my body back to harmony

As my mind wandered and questioned

My soul pushed forward

And brings my mind understanding and wisdom

As my emotions feared and twisted me into turmoil

My soul pushed forward

And brought me a peaceful heart in the midst of chaos

The world crashes and burns

My soul pushes forward

To change that which can be changed

To speak truth on those things that will not change

Others question and bury their heads in the sand

Refusing to hear the answers to what they’ve asked

My soul pushes forward

And will not look away from the truth because of fear

Changing this world requires knowing this world

How can we hope to change that which we refuse to look at and learn the truth of

The pain therein has enveloped me

And caused me to want to hide

But my soul pushed forward

With the intent that I will go on

Despite the pain I see or feel

There is no true escape

There is no drug that can shut out what a soul knows

A mind can be drugged to appease the emotion that flows forth from thought

But a soul will accept responsibility for the co-creation with the all

Even when your part of the creation is the choice of ignorance

With that in mind I choose to consciously take my part in the responsibility

Doing as I can to share truth that teaches others how to do the same

Offering an alternative to ignorance

Thus serving the evolution of the whole

It is for this intent my soul has pushed forward

And will continue to push forward with God as guiding force

I will not break down

Engtovo ~ December 12, 2001

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