What Is Christmas

What I see appears as the Christmas I have known all my life


Trees and lights

Christmas songs playing

Bell ringers

Santa Clause parades

Wreaths decorate our town

My child heart wants to participate with the ignorance of truth, that doesn’t understand

None of these things represent the man for whom the supposed celebration ensues

The child wishes it could remain in that ignorance and call it innocence

And ask for snow, and hang ornaments on a light covered tree

With wisdom comes responsibility however

And I cannot be that child

Cannot ignore that greed runs this celebration of birth of the sonship of God

Profits are celebrated

Trees are killed en mass and covered with plastic that will not degrade

Santa Clause the myth of materialism

Teaches the children to grasp tightly to material desire

What is Christmas

Where is the mastery of Jesus celebrated

Who even understands what it is

Where would Jesus go on Christmas if he was here with us in 2001

How do we honor his birth by spending money

We tell ourselves it is the spirit of giving

While we buy in obligation for those who need nothing

While we return and exchange the gifts for things we prefer

We eat as gluttons as if our gluttony somehow honors this master

We gain weight then feel guilt and call it celebration

We argue about the how

The who

Serving our ego instead of God or his claimed son

We go to church and spend short moments thinking of this son

And forget him who sent him

What is Christmas

Celebration once of winter solstice

Awakening of the light for the year

Stolen by church to control those who knew the ways of nature

Then stolen over and over by power and corruption

Now down to the lowest level

Where economic slavery is bolstered to pay the money god of Christmas

In order to celebrate in mass consumerism

What would happen if we took a year off

Canceled Christmas for this year

And each of us simply acknowledged the master of our choice that day

With no outward expression only inner prayer

Would the economy crash


This belief in Christmas activities I liken within me to the patriotic programming of my country

The child within wants to pledge allegiance to the flag and claim our manifest destiny of democracy and freedom

But this ignorance must also be dispelled with the truth of its brainwashing

So what is Christmas

Brainwashing with a lovely soundtrack and lovely white snowflakes and colored lights

No wonder the child wants to keep it

It was done so well

So deep

So ingrained

It is inescapable

I go to Wal-Mart for shampoo and hundreds of good sheeple run around

Scurrying to give away their money

Believing they give to those they love

In truth they give to the same ones who gave us slavery and genocide and called it freedom

If Jesus decides to drop by the planet

I would like to invite him to join me on the winter solstice

To acknowledge the changing earth cycle

And pray that the people awaken to the fact their Shepard has not been Jesus

But in fact the illuminati

And they are being led to slaughter

Together we could sit in silence and pray for all life on earth and beyond

Now that would be a Christ Mass

Engtovo ~ December 1, 2001

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