I Am The Eagle

I am the eagle

I sit high in this tree

Holding forth my white flag

I am spotted

At first embraced with a smile

But then you walk away

And into your tattered house

I am observing from my perch

The now desolate grounds

Of a once magnificent property

The waterfront looks out to the mountains beyond

Now the trees are dying

And the underbrush is gone

The logs of the unfinished estate decay

Windows are boarded up in some parts of the house

It saddens me to see the state of this once incredible place

I can simultaneously see it’s potentialI feel the responsibility for its condition

I feel the pain that has brought it to this expression

I’ve come to ask forgiveness

And to understand that you have responsibility here as well

I have been shouldering the burden of decay alone

For this I must forgive myself

I am the eagle

Spirit free to be as I am

I embrace myself now with a smile

My return to the nest is a joyous one

I accept the grace offered me

I let go of the expectations of self

Requiring me to be more than any mortal eagle can be

I free this shadow self to fly

I understand that it is simply part of the experience of all in mortal

I am no better, no worse

Love fills the skies all around me

Waves move through me and my nest

They transfer into me this grace and understanding

They restore what decayed from guilt and self loathing

From my perch up high

In this tree that is bridge of earth and sky

I test my wings

The pain that has kept me from flight

Eases away

Prepared for flight my wings have been renewed and repaired

I take flight and sore free

For I Am the eagle

Engtovo ~ November 14, 2001

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