You Are Here Now

Deliverance is not a concept

But a choice

Delivering yourself from limitation

There is only a small hint of billions of lights known

To the mortal in man

There are too many journeys to tread them all

In order to know and understand them

Come home

To the arms of those who love you

You are free by choosing freedom

There is nothing that can hold the power of your Godness

There is nothing expected of you

There are offerings of ways that you may serve

None are right or wrong ways

They are just that


God always offers choices

There is not a force that limits the ways in which God creates

There is no energy that can combat a prayer in truth

There is only love within this great universe that is created of love

Bring yourself the gift of letting go

Let go without the need to do it in any particular way

It is not something that needs to be done in any given emotion

Or free of any given emotion

It is pureEmotionless

Feel that which you wish to let go of sitting upon your hand

Simply turn your hand over

Nothing more or less

Let it fall away from you

Let it go back to the fluid universe from which it sprang

God does not judge it

Whatever it is

Simply let go

You are here now Tatiacha

You have never been distant

From that which is the truth in your heart

It connects here to us

Those who you understand

Every moment we ask God to help you home

Every moment that prayer is answered

You are here now Tatiacha

Step aside from yourself

See that which is really true

Think not with the mind of mortal

Think with God’s mind that you were given at the beginning

The time is at hand

Your prayers have been answered in the affirmative

You know that God has seen the way for you

Trust this knowingA

ll that is

Is at your command

This is your right

It was given to you with many gifts

You have never used it unwisely

There is nothing to stop the motion of that which becomes you

There is only the divine that can express as truth

Anything else is false

You are sitting at the helm of your very own divine kingdom

It is your sphere

Your heaven

It is a powerful force and it is time to move this force

There is no place other than here

It is not a physical here

It is a spiritual here

There is only one place

Your sphere

Use it dear friend

The Dharljas ~ Engtovo ~ November 6, 2001

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