Mine Is A Solo Journey


Detonating emotions

Flying freely

Dangerous place to beT

hose who are wise should seek shelter

There is no bottom on this pit

There are ample sparks to ignite the dry tinder

The drought has exacerbated this condition

But when the rains come flood ensues

When will balance be struck

I am engaging in combat

But there is no war

No ones sees the scars

That I have received from flying debris

From earth they are ignorant of what has been accomplished

It angers and saddens me that they choose to remain ignorant

What a privilege it is

To be allowed to remain impoverished of God

I cannot

Will not

Participate in the propagation of this ignorance any longer

I will not support their limitation

Through protection

Let them engage in combat for themselves

And I only be responsible for myself

There is no organization for this combat

As no war is declared

No oaths have been spoken

No allegiances formed

It has been one for all

But the all has not supported the one

The one shall now be true to itself

Loyal to itself

Free to be itself

I am not a cretin

I am a single expression of my choosing

I will not be defined by the truth of the ignorant

I will not be held down

There is only one pathway that is mine

It is not sharedA

s each has their own

No one will attempt to steal my journey

Compete for or claim my path

It cannot be taken it is mine as

God hath given it only to me

Find your own path

That God has given you

I will no longer light your way

I will not go before you and remove the booby traps

Your combat is your own

Your grid is your own to care take

I will not feel sadness for you

I will not see you as victim

I will not feel guilt for your choices

It is I who should not have allowed you to follow

I am removing myself

Do not confuse your journey and mine

Do not confuse my work and your own life

My pathway is narrow and steep and quick

Do not try to tread upon it

You are not prepared

Take your own path

Perhaps your path includes multiple lifetimes yet

That is between you and God

My path will tolerate no more explosions

I am tired of rebuilding it as I go

The trek itself is difficult enough

So go home

Turn around

Go find the fork in the road and look to the sign

To determine which way God would have you turn

Mine is a solo journey

Engtovo ~ November 6, 2001

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