Goodbye So Long


So long

Not forever

Not with door shut

But doors left open

A journey commences

It is not a leaving

Although leaving is required

It is not abandonment of what has been

But a time of healthy transition

This has always been on God’s time

Not mortal

And God has spoken loudly

It is time

This is not sad

But joyous

It is fruition of hard work

Not just for one but for us all

It is confirmation

Of that which is to come

It is freedom from the past

Allowing the new future to be built

With a foundation that is strong and pure

Welcome this day

It is acknowledgment

Of right action


So Long

Don’t grieve

For there is no loss

There is no truth to be painful about

Locations change

But hearts and connections remain

For any who choose to make it so

I will not contain my joy with the fear of any

I have earned my freedom

Though God

It is my creation

I will remain accessible

I am not removing my spirit from this world

Only moving my body and expression

To a new place that is mine in fullness


So long

Until we meet again

Engtovo ~ November 1, 2001

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