This Great New Fire

Kindling for fire is all around

A simple spark will cause the emergence of transmutation

What will come of the ashes

What will rise and proclaim itself phoenix

Scars once injuries healed, fade now

Removing their mark on my body

My emotion

My thought

My spirit

Flesh gives way and allows a new fire that is pure

This fire purifies all that once caused pain

It makes new the intensity of heart

Emotions flood all the senses with faint recollection

Times move and shift and blend together

I become released, relieved

And held in a force of empty creative space

Sustenance is given without asking, for it is, and was always mine

Needs no more present themselves, for they were false thoughts

The new fire spreads like a breeze, quick and gentle

It touches out and eases some, and enrages others

With it’s absolute truthfulness

I awake to a new sun

It flames with this energy found engulfing me

Its tenderness is sweet to those who see

It is nothing to those whose eyes are shut

Flaming, sparkling, not bloodied by ignorance

Freedom walks upon its light

What were once limitations are now humorous antidotes

Consumed and transformed

By this great new fire

Engtovo – October 24, 2001

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