Shock is the minds way of protecting itself from an immediate pain

Our gift it is

Gives us time to slowly integrate what has occurred that was so tragic in force

When shock wears off and rage ensues

That is the time to be vigilant

For this is the time we shall act in a form that is not of God’s highest expression for us

Time should be taken

A period of cooling off

A period of waiting

Of grieving

No decision need be made now

There will still be time tomorrow or next week for actions

Just actions

Unjust actions

All actions

But if we are to look back in determination and decide an action was unjust

Let us have made in not in the time of rage

Let us have made it in ignorance

For at least ignorance has a solution to prevent its reoccurrence

Acting in rage does not

Engtovo ~ October 24, 2001

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