September morn greeted us with pain

Twas not the finest of hours

Was a tragic heralding not of terrorist action

But of covert plans in action by the dark ones

A day foreseen by those with and without bodies

An uncloaking of final battle

Disguised as a victimization by an oppressor of country

In fact an act of an oppressor of freedom and divine human expression

There is no villain as one would make out

For the one pointed out is far too small

Far too pathetic a man

This is the deed of many

This is an act of power, by power, for power

An act of elite control of the masses

Through fear and subjugation

Many will never see the truth that lies therein

As their brains have been washed

With the propaganda of the oppressors

They will still believe as they are carted off to camps

That these acts are not of their own making

By refusing to be vigilant of the structure they co-created

It is an ugly scene

A tragedy of a play

But there is no surprise to those who have listened to the heart

Where God speaks loudly

The ugliness will continue for a time

The suffering will ensue as God hath warned us all

But the war, the true battle has already been won

The dark ones know not that they have lost as they wallow in their ignorance

The sun shall rise on a new time

And the suffering will end

I look to the present to see how the actions of the ignorant

Awaken the hearts of many that were sleeping

They have actually served God in bringing home some

Who may have slept indefinitely

I look to the future and I see the service that stands before me as path

I feel and know no danger for as God has foreseen these days

God has foreseen a trail that will lead the willing through these end times

Indeed there are no easy answers

Brother will turn upon brother

Parents and children will come to distrust one another

The hearts of many will be ripped to shreds with lies of hate

But Gods life will still be here to sustain

Gods truth will be spoken above the din of war

The dark ones show themselves in these days

And the love of God shows itself as well

Love is stronger than hate

Forgiveness stronger than grudge

And I say this to the elite ones who terrorize the masses

I forgive you this day, for this 911 tragedy, and for all that you will commence with

For it is God you shall face when you leave the planet

And facing God’s full forgiveness

Will offer you a reflection of truth so great

You will plunge yourself into despair and misery over what you have done

You will place upon yourself the pain you inflicted to others

This my friends is hell

And that is where you will find yourself soon

Engtovo – October 24, 2001

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