Creation Is In Progress

wanton thoughts darting in and out

prying eyes without bodies look in at me

dreams that should be nightmares are now without fear

changes so become me that my mind wonders if I have changed

perspectives shifting so greatly that it is an earthquake of mental activity

silence comes in fits between tremors

body feels the vibrational increase

heart beats out a different rhythm

scenes move in and out of the minds eye

creation is in progress

only the spirit divine knows which scene is the one manifesting

opportunities show themselves as veiled gifts

confirmations are made available to me and acknowledged

only I know what happens in my sphere

others see only a cloudy image of an incomplete picture

movement masquerades as stillness

time pretends to move slow while is flies by in months

there is something more that I feel

it cannot be chased down as it moves toward me

symbols are unique to me

timing is my own

all of me participates here

and it is done

Engtovo ~ September 11, 2001

Note: I wrote this poem about 2 am in the morning and then went to bed only to wake up to a phone call the next morning about the World Trade Center attacks.

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