Unending Bliss

This moment is unending bliss

Understanding of oneness

Determination of true desire

Divine Principle of life moving freely

Expression of joy unfolds like the petals of my immortal rose

blooming in the endless summer of God’s Divine light

Never ending garden of beauty

Colors flowing one to the next

Fruits hanging side by side with flowers waiting to pollinate

Abundance of everything good on this earth surrounds me

Animals normally predators of one another

peaceful in each other’s company

The cougar once asleep at my side

pounces in the field of wildflowers

playing in the glorious sun

Hawks and eagles fill the sky with spirals of pure love

There is nothing I need

There is nothing left to want

All that is

is here to sustain me

Heart is open and pure

The power of oneness has found me and brought me home

Scents come to me

they are sweeter than any I have experienced before

Thoughts clear


Almost a dreamscape in nature

it is real


mine to experience

In the distance deer arrive

They do not fear the cougar

She is uninterested in them

This is the place where magic lives

There is no hierarchy

no food chain

no distrust

At my right is my mate

Quiet and strong in his moment of experience

I feel his shoulder to mine

His energy radiates a presence of unending bliss as well

We sit together here as two

as one

one spark

two expressions

Harmony has come after years of hard work

Rewards have been received

They were right here waiting all along

always mine

not able to be taken or stolen or kept from me

It was only I that could not see this place

my place with God

My mate remembered his place before me

He built a pathway to my own

and waited and prayed I would join him there

Now we have joined our flames in remembrance of our original spark

and made a single space with God for us both to reside

Hearts beat in perfect rhythm

like the eagles that fly above us

we are mated for life

and our life is eternal

Unending bliss

Engtovo ~ September 9, 2001

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