Questions have been answered

Timing is now set in stone

like tablets etched by God

There is nothing to stop this

no force without

no force within

that could counter this opening of expression

Manifestation is akin to breathing

No conscious thought is required for breath

The body knows how

No conscious thought is required for using God’s true gift

The spirit knows how

Allowance of this truth has come forth

The spirit will now simply do that which is the right of all

as simply as the body expresses it’s right to breathe

There is no limitation uncountered by God’s freedom

They are swallowed into a sea of possibility

like droplets of rain on the ocean

they have been transformed into something greater

They flow back and forth through the power of female intuitive force

True power is here

not power over

but power of

and in this power I AM self responsible in absolute freedom

I cannot give it back

Once given there is no returnN

ow I must use it in service to that which gave it forth

My Creator

and I am happy for the opportunity to serve

Engtovo ~ September 9, 2001

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