Ode To My Sons

Josediab youngest boy

Your heart is as pure as the day you were born

Life does not weather you

Smiles radiate from your face

and embrace the world and all it’s inhabitants

You laugh easier than all my other sons

You look to the future without leaving the present

Your presence is that of total balance in male expression

You are handsome and know yourself

without arrogance or male ego

When your voice pierces the night in song of praise to God

we are all moved to tears

Jessie my beloved

You are second only in birth

for in no way in life have you ever been second to anything

You are aggressive without placing that aggression over others

You are a thinker

an achiever

First to manifest before the age of 13 months you came here determined to experience every avenue of God’s divine expression to the fullest

You travel often to see what is happening in this world

Cloaked from the masses you blend into whatever society you observe

You use your observations to further the depth of your knowledge

You are the record keeper of our family

Your mind is a divine computer data base

all our facts are handy and ready for retrieval

You are fascinated with history and how we can help humanity stop repeating the cycles

You are my mental muse

You challenge me to greater achievements

and revel in the knowing that I will rise to the occasion

always first to say I knew you could do it

You are a motivational champion

and my personal expert in yoga

Pence first born you seem reserved at first appearance

but later it is found that you are humorous and gentle

You hold your energy proudly

You stand tall and show the world your serious side

saving the laughing boy inside for those you love the best

You are dynamic in action

When you take on a project you are steadfast and unswerving

You put your goal firmly into your heart where it radiates out and finds no objection

You are considerate and kind and give freely of time and love

Your only true commitment placed firmly where it belongs

with Divine Principle of life

You are the foundation to which all your siblings have built their strengths

and it is a role you cherish and respect

Jahob I understand you better for my latest trip into the mortal

You are the cave dweller

the one in prayer for all lifeYou keep your contact with mortals to a minimum

and choose to assist them through prayer and meditation

As an active woman I attempt to bring you out of the cave

but now it is I who would join you there more often

You are a beacon of love

and the power of silence works through you

When I enter meditation I find you there with heart wide open awaiting me

Your focus is so great

so strong

that it could challenge the foundation of any who doubt

Your patience in that state is unendingI now understand the gratitude that you receive from those you assist in your own special way for I feel this gratitude for you deep in my own heart grow stronger each passing day

Elesteel although your name is not of English origin

steel could not be more appropriate

You are impenetrable by any energy that you choose not to embrace

You are the protector for all who you love

You strength is tempered only by the depth of your love

You step lightly upon the earth

and look for ways to assist all of her creatures

You are the keeper of the medicine ways

In our family you are the Master of Ceremony

the maker of weddings

overseer of rites of passage, and passing of mortals we love

You wrap us in your medicine and we know we are loved

Every step you take upon the medicine path

you call all of humanity to join you

Every prayer of your pipe is a prayer for all life

and the earth mother willingly sits in the palm of your hand

As blessed as I am with daughters I am blessed with sons

As five of you stand together I am overwhelmed by what you represent

Your sibling bond pure and unobstructed inspires me

A day could not go by that one of you has not offered your assistance with my endless plots and plans

You support me with your love even when perhaps I have asked too much of us all

The love you emit could heal a universe and my ego wishes it could take credit for you

but you came to me as you are

My job was only to allow that self full opportunity to bloom

This was my pleasure

my joy

my heart’s work

For all that I have done in this world nothing is greater than nurturing you

God gave you into my care and now I feel that it is I that am in yours

The love that moves between us is eternal and divine

it is a love that can only move between mother and son

It fills my heart to overflowing and makes me want to do it all over again

blessed are the sons Bhodsvatan

Engtovo ~ September 9, 2001

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